Our Spirit manifests its self in several different ways. As diverse as our group can be, one common bond that always unites all of our members is our love for the Longhorns! If you asked our members what their favorite AT event is, a common answer would be our football tailgates. Every home game we team up with sponsors and other student organizations to put on a tailgate that has been worthy enough of being named HEB Tailgate of the Week on multiple occasions. You will also always find us at UT basketball, baseball, soccer, and volleyball games, and we occasionally even stop by to support the Rugby and Quidditch teams.

As much as we love supporting our teams in burnt orange, we pride ourselves on representing AT on the intramural field as well. Every year we field IM teams in football, softball, basketball, water volleyball, and sometimes even ultimate frisbee. We also tend to fare very well in the tournaments put on by other UT student organizations such as the Iron Spike Softball Tournament and Wranger Anchor Slam Dodgeball Tournament. In our short time on the 40 acres we have several championships to our name, our most recent being the Spring 2014 Co-Ed Intramural Softball league.